I'll Love You Long After You're Gone



im laughing so hard because no matter what song you listen to 

spiderman dances to the beat

no matter what song
ive been testing it and lauing my ass off for an hour

I was listening to hallelujah by jeff buckley

how to be a heartbreaker by marina and the diamonds

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I’m walking in, I don’t know, I see half of it, you see half, you like it, I don’t. I leave, I hear, I go faster, even though I shouldn’t. Water, volleyball, texts, football, jerseys, phones, bears, games, fun, love, i love you. and i dont know it. but i do. and i still do. do you maybe love me? id love it if you did. and id love our cuddles and singing sessions and beach trips and basketball games and disney movies and sports games in sweatpants and late-night espn and after that late-night texts and snapchats or maybe we wont need that because ill be in your bed with you and it will be perfect and we’ll have a super awesome amazing morning or whatever you want to call it. and will you be my prince charming? because id love that. just like id love you forever if you came up and brought me food or gave me MY half of the burrito or something more. maybe next time i see you you could grab my hand.  I wouldn’t object. just saying. and maybe this time you could turn around and kiss me because you must know that thats all i really want. except for the cuddling, thats cool too. and long hugs (i havent hugged you properly for a month) and small circles on my palm and thumb wars and competition and cheek kisses, leading to neck kisses, leading to real kisses, leading back down to neck kisses, and who knows where after that. and about the people staring-i dont really mind that. i never did to be honest. id rather give them something to stare at than sit with you being normal.  I dont think we can really afford to be normal anymore.  being weird with you is so much fun. pick me up in the middle of the night and well go have that picnic in the park that ive always wanted. be that cute couple ive always wanted to see. be with the boy ive always wanted to kiss. and yeah i forgot, ive already gotten to kiss the boy ive always wanted to kiss. but i would die to do it again.  and to be honest when we broke up the first thing i thought was im going to miss all this physical stuff. i never knew how much i would miss talking to you. and good mornings and good nights and hearts in all the colors of the rainbows and how you’re so painfully sweet and sexy at the same time. iloveyouiloveyou and i love us even more. just thought you should know.

One Direction

—Little Things (Live vs. Studio Version)





Little Things: live in left ear - studio version in right ear


#1 year saving lifes

I think I’m going to cry…

omg, i’m crying. I love them so much.

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